In order to celebrate the biggest brand upgrade since its establishment, TMALL held the "TMALL Ideal Life Carnival" in Hangzhou from June 17th to 18th. Wonderlabs was very honored to be part of the great event, by bringing 7 digital experiences at the event to life; consumers could experience the future trend of TMALL's ideal life through innovative and playful ways.
Upon entering the event space, the Hologram and Projection Mapping immediately capture consumers’ eyes. In Collaboration with Pixomondo, we faced the challenge of how to tell the story of TMALL’s ideal life in 1.5 minutes. At the end, we made an exposition of ideal life of TMALL from the aspects of nature, future life, sports and fashion. The Hologram showed the related content by following the chapter of projection content.  
The Main Stage LED Floor was on the opposite of the Hologram and Projection Mapping, the installation turned into a wonderland for kids with its content of big colorful planets in the universe.  

Going further into the event space, consumers arrived at the Sports Pavilion, where Wonderlabs have the Rowing Machine and Treadmill Installation. The Rowing Machines were floating on the ocean, which is the content on the led floor. While the consumers row harder, the waves surrounding them in the rowing machine were also surging. The treadmill was a sport experience that brought the runner through reality. As the runner accelerated, the visual effects in front of the LED screen became more dramatic.  
In the pavilion of future life, Wonderlabs customized and specially modified the intelligent washing machine for this event. Whenever the consumer came close, the intelligent washing machine induced the users and began performing.  
At the Fashion Pavilion, Wonderlabs designed and made a touch screen experience inspired by TMALL logo. By touching one of the 300 products, that formed the TMALL logo, consumers could scan the QR code and enter the purchase page directly.  
The two day event “TMALL Ideal Life Carnival” is over, but the big plan of  TMALL’s  changing shopping trends has just begun. Excited to wait and see what’s more to come.