As a retail marketing milestone of Porsche China, Wonderlabs coop with two agencies established digital toolkit which utilized most trendy AR and VR appliance. Moreover, it’s more than technical component which add up artistic content and heavy social-ability. It’s definitely big move to elevate consumer communication to another level.          
The digital toolkit consists of 4 parts, first of all is the VR Tilt brush. As the best seller car model in China, Panamera is welcomed by Chinese consumers, although the new generation with Turbo power can bring you even better experience of “escape from the urban city”.  This VR piece of art is coop with French artist Ken Keflion and incorporate with his delicate artwork. Once consumers puts on the VR goggle, they are zero distant from the artistic version of Panamera Turbo, even can sign name on the artwork. The whole process will be recorded and generate to a sharable H5.            
As second part, we worked on different solutions to empower interactive customer experience; A digital toolkit that consists of a collection of elements to enable showrooms to actively engage their customers. Among several ideas, we developed 3 installations for the toolkit.            
1. Hololense  
Recently introduced the Hololense, Wonderlabs was able to explore the latest Mixed Reality technology along with telling the story of Porsche. A constellation between a Porsche customized book and virtual elements immersed customers into the brand and history of Porsche through holographic content.            
2. Lifestyle Jukebox
A live projection mapping on 3D printed Porsche cars configured through a short lifestyle questionnaire. As there were 6 models, the challenge was to find a way to display 6 different cars within one structure. Wonderlabs built a rotation system that was synchronized to the point, depending on what the consumer chose, the model would rotate and stop at the exact position for the mapping. Consumers were able to choose car model, color and environment that was played along with a selected music list.          
3. Art in Motion    
A fun installation, where consumers can upload a photo from their own phone to create their own “art piece” along their favorite Porsche parts in different filters.  
Jack Morton and Vokdams