On Mar 25th and 26th,  Nike Air Max celebrated its day with a tribute to the REVOLUTIONAIRS  and the launch of Vapormax at the Kiss My Airs event in Shanghai. For this special event, Nike transformed the venue 800 show into an Air Max wonderland, immersing the audience into the Kiss My Airs attitude.
Wonderlabs was very honored to be part of Nike AMD’s 30th anniversary, by bringing all the digital experience at the event to life.
Upon entering the space into Nike Airland, consumers were immediately captured by the Vapormax on one side and on the other side the Air Max installation. For this installation, Wonderlabs was challenged to explore technologies that could represent the flexibility of the air bubble sole of the Vapormax without restricting the shoe while interacting with it. By twisting, bending, rotating the real Vapormax shoe, a visual impressive replication of its sole on the screen imitates the same movement as the real sneaker.  
The Air Max installation represented the 3 highlight sneakers, where consumers were able to play with the real shoe to blow up the digital bubbles representing each sneaker. The more a consumer applies a movement to the Air Max, the more its bubbles take over the screen.
Going further into the space, more activities were awaiting the consumers. Remix my airs enabled them to listen to each track especially created for each sneaker. With a slideshow and volume adjustable headphones, consumers were able to enjoy the track and find out more about each artist, who composed the music track.  
Next was the Vapormax Trial, where consumers could show off their dance moves and work out the footwear to appear on the leaderboard with his/her high score to win a pair of Vapormax.  
Two photo booths were placed after for consumers to show their Kiss My Airs attitude. Shot by professional photographers, photos were instantly uploaded on a touchscreen, where consumers were able to create their own layout with their portrait and shoe in hand to share it out to their friends.  
It was another great Air Max Day experience that embodies the spirit that Revolution Never Ends and always push forward, the Kiss my Airs attitude.